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Thread: Help me find a gaming laptop

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    Hey everyone after surfing the web i finally found my home more people like me!!! yes well anyways ive been saving up for a laptop all summer and i have about $1100 us dollers and ive been searching hard around the internet to get a new laptop that can handle games im not a real hardcore gamer but really like playing games like mohaa,1942, unreal and quake i want a laptop that can handle those so if anyone has experience with laptops and gaming or know a good one in my price range the help would be greatly apreciated.

    PS: The real reason i want a laptop like this is becasue i travel home back and forth from school all the time and its just a pain to lug a larger dekstop back and forth.however i do already have a nice desktop so i am all set in that catagory

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    Before I have ever bought my laptops I have researched company after company. Durability, compatability, ect. ect. ect.
    So I would definetely read up as much as you can.

    I can't really give you any specifics. Although my personal top 2 favorites are Sony, which I have now, and Toshiba, which was my last purchase. Although I am in Corporate Sales, so that wouldn't help your decision.

    Also, with $1100 to spend, I am not sure if you will be able to get what you are lookinf for. Thats more of the budget notebook price from my experience.

    Maybe someone here that has done some info gathering in the last 6 months will be able to help you more...


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    I was looking for a $1,700 or less laptop for gaming about a year ago. I gave up on the idea becuase the video cards that came built into all of them at the time were on the edge of extinction and wouldn't do good on some of the games your talking about like Battlefield 1942.
    I think I remember reading somewhere that some of the newer laptops have upgradedable video cards now. I suggest going that route.
    I am very glad I didn't buy one of those systems less than a year ago becuase it would be almost worthless for newer games now. I think the best video card that most of the top of the line laptops had in them at the time was an 32 mb ATI Radeon 7500 and the middle class had a generic 32 mb Savage card in them that would disappoint anyone who tries to play a modern 1st/3rd person shooter with it. (Trust me I've tried before, in my opinion games like BF 1942 are unplayable on it unless you like super slow motion at even the lowest settings)

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    Gaming laptop...hmmm?

    If you spend top dollar you will find some nice ones from..say...Alienware. Even then you will be set back. The speeds that technology is evolving these days are very fast. Most people under a budget stick with upgradeable desktops...which they don't spend the top dollar to custom build it and have the ability to upgrade down the road. If you are looking for a laptop just for gaming don't do it. Use that 1100 and build a very nice desktop. If you had other uses in mind then go with something cheaper and continue to save for your Gaming System.

    I am not here to change your mind but keep in mind what we mentioned when you go off making a decision that will cost you 1100 +. Just my :2cents:
    - Damien

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    I never seen a fast laptop under 1000$...I rather spend it on a desktop pc, but if your gonna go places with it, it would be nice i guess.
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    Alienware's new laptops kick a lot of ass, I wish I could have one but damn they are expensive....would rather put it into a project car since I already have a fast rig.....

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    My wife and I purchased a Alienware Area-51m last fall so that we could play EQ and chat while one of us were out of town.
    We went with the 2.6Ghz 1/2Gb RAM and 40Gb HD w/extra battery.
    We have played EQ, NWN and WC3 on it no problem. It is expensive and heavy ( ~13lbs ) and generates enuff heat to melt the polar ice cap. But it is lots of fun to play NWN or WC3 in the airport terminal and watch the crowds gather.
    Also taking digital photos and burning a photo CD during xmas at her grandparents was a hit.

    The latest laptop they have has upgradable video, interesting..
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    Hey everyone thanks for all the help ive decided after your commnets that it was just better for me to wait in upgrading my laptop
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