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Thread: LCD Worth It?

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    I'll be lookin to get a new monitor in the near future, but I'm conflicted on which to buy.

    U can get a HUGE, good quality flat screen, for the equivilent price of a small, 15" LCD.

    Now, LCDs are obviously better for LAN'in, but is that their only advantage?

    I've also heard LCD can screw up Gaming graphics ( Dodgy Textures, chucky edges ect)
    Is this true to none / some / or all LCDs?

    The other thing is, over all, If I was gonna fork out around $500.
    Which would be the better way to go?
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    if you take a look around, you should notice a few very recent threads on this exact topic

    I've gone too far and need to move on!

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    If ya a die hard gamer then stick with a good CRT monitor as LCD's just don't have the refresh rates to cope properly with high FPS games.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wiggo
    If ya a die hard gamer then stick with a good CRT monitor as LCD's just don't have the refresh rates to cope properly with high FPS games.
    I'll stick to CRT unless you are a person that sticks around on a monitor all day doing data entry, paperwork, spreadsheets, etc... then get the LCD; won't strain you as much plus it saves a bit of energy when compared to the CRT.

    Like Wiggo mentioned the avid gamer should stick with a CRT ( a flat screen one to be exact :D )
    - Damien

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    I def agree with the others if you a hardcore gamer stick with a crt but if you got $500 you can get a really really superb lcd such as a samsung or a song if you look in the right places online or if you use ebay a lot of 18" lcds are floating around on ebay with "buy it now" from my personal experience i went from using a crt 19 inch flatscreen NEC to be exact to gettin a 18"phillips and now a 17" lcd and the clarity of an lcd is just plain unbelievable sure you can look at one in the store on those crappy reapeaters but once you sit down in your own computing enviroment you will be so amazed at the quality of the lcd exspecially if you get a nice one with DVI you wont see anyting clearer and now for the gaming aspect with lcds a lot of reviews online are saying that recent lcds coming around you dont really notice the difference in gaming if your a average gamer and not to to picky.good luck with your choice.
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