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Thread: AMD 64bit or IntelX.Xc

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    I was going to get a new comp after the new year

    and i was wondering if i should get the new amd 64 bit chip or get a P4 2.8c or higher and Oc/ing that to 4.5 (with a water cooler)

    There are both around about the same price.

    I am sure there will be other threads about the same topic

    Talk or paste links please
    Thanks DeeR

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    Whoever told you you can overclock to 4.5Ghz with watercooling was full of it. You'll be lucky to get 3.7 on water.

    If you are planning on building a system next year, then wait until next year. Don't make plans now because it will all change when better things are out, namely the Prescott processor which has 64bit extensions just like the A64/FX.

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    P4 2.8c or higher and Oc/ing that to 4.5 (with a water cooler)

    ud need a prommy mach 2 to get anywhere NEAR dat, as well as some SICK vmodding on the mobo, ram, nb...............

    non peltier water will never get you that high, as it cannot cool below ambient temp

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    Personnally I'd hold off if ya can to around Q2 next year if ya can just to see how Intel's Prescott and the new AthlonFX core go.

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