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Thread: A few new parts for you to rate.

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    Apr 2002


    Ok, after many weeks of delay I've finally placed an order for some new toys. I've got all weekend to change it though since the order won't be sent until next week.
    Anyway heres the stuff:
    Logitech Z-680 5.1 THX - For the livingroom

    Logitech Z-640 5.1 - For the AMD in my sig

    Radeon 9800Pro 128Mb - For the AMD in my sig (told ya I would try one) ;)

    Samsung Syncmaster 959NF 19" Diamondtron 1280x1024 101Hz :D - Also for the AMD

    Thermalright SLK-947U with Artic Silver 5 - For the AMD

    Zalman 92mm 40 or 53cfm for the SLK HSF

    A couple of new Zalman case fans 92 and 80 mm for a side intake and better exhaust, all fans ordered with new metal grids

    Zalman ZM80C-HP VGA cooler to replace the crappy stock Radeon heatsink

    SkyCable rheobus 4-port fancontroller

    M$ Intellimouse Explorer 3.0 (6.000Hz)

    Some other stuff as well but nothing to important

    The Thermalright just crushes any other air solution I've ever seen so I decided on one since my V7+ don't cool enough to run my AMD oc on low speed.. (medium so noisy) :(

    I went for a Diamondtron CRT cuz I wanna experience the great image quality every ATI user is talking about.. ;)

    Now if theres anything you feel should be changed just post away.. : peace2:

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    BTW heres the 4 port fan controller:

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    :eek: :eek:!!!!!!!!!!!
    Would you like to make a donation to the feed(buy stuff for) the poor(me) fund? :D

    the Z-640 and Z-680 are mightly nice speakers

    Thats is all.

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    Z-640s, great pick

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    I have now recived both speaker setups and the CRT. Dammit I must work a couple of days before I can play with it though. :cry:

    But I did have the time to mount the 680's in the livingroom the other day and man they are insane! I went out and rented The Hulk on dvd yesterday and turned up the sound level pretty high and it felt like the whole room just moved..! LOL Those speakers is gonna last me a while I think.

    Hopefully I'll get the radeon card and the other goodies before the weekend.

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