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Thread: New Monitor (LDC,CRT,TV)?

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    the lcd my cost more intitally, but it will save you money over time. For anyone that has a crt monitor on more than a few hours a day and then switches to an lcd display will see an imeditate drop on their next electricity bill. That is more than enough reason for me to want a high qualty 19" lcd (about $600 US here). I currently run a 17" crt 8-20 hrs a day (depending which day it is), and it costs me a pretty penny each month. I've used a decent lcd before and the visual quality is good enough for me. but I'm not a multimedia kind of guy, so I'm not that picky.
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    lets see... my wife has a 17" mon, the back panel says it takes 1.5A @ 120v, so thats 180 watt's, or 1.8 killowatts for a 10 hr period. When the moniter is in sleep mode, it uses much less. Don't remember what we pay for power, but I think it's around .10 per killowatt hr. certianly less than .20 So at worst, $.36 per day, or about $100 per year, probably more like $75. For most of us, whe CRT is on less than 5 hrs a day, so $35 a year. Her CRT cost $100 a couple of years ago, and the least $$ lcd is about $350 with a drop in performance. So asuming the LCD moniter takes no power to run, and you really use your moniter 20 hrs a day, then you will break even in about 2-4 years. At 5 hrs a day usage, it would take 10 years or more, not counting the cost of money. Remember though, that the power consumed by the moniter shows up as heat, same as if you were running a space heater, this is good in the winter and bad in the summer,

    In a office environment, I can see the argument, especially where you pay by the sq foot, lcd means smaller footprint, smaller desk, easier to move, and the AC costs to keep a building cool in the summer can really add up. Also the cost of disposing of old CRT's can be high. I suspect that in another 5 years, the quality may come up, and the price go down, so then it might make sense for most users to switch. Right now, I'll stick with my CRT

    Also, some places have very high costs for power so YMMV

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