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Thread: The big and wonderful world of cases - don't you just hate i

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    Gawd..... i was wondering what you guys would recommend for a case, as i can't seem to decide.

    This is for a new comp that i'm building soon:

    P4 2.8Ghz 800Mhz HT
    Pc3200 corsair twinx
    Abit ic7 max3
    radeon 9800pro

    i'm after one with good ventilation and probably best with a door or something to cover the drivers.

    was looking at the Coolermast Wavemaster, but tad expensive and some people were also complaining about the lack of airflow in the case. Apart form Lain Li cases, are the any similar cases with removable m/b racks and good air flow?

    and while i'm asking i might as well throw in some newbish questions as well, should i buy a CPU cooler as i'll probably be playing around and trying to overclock (if i can)?

    also, where can i get monitoring devices for temps inside the case and cpu chip? are the any programs around that do this and also help you overclock?

    anyway, thx guys.

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    Jonny: If you can wait until next month, then I'd suggest you consider Antec's new P160 enclosure.

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