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Thread: dual channel mem, advise

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    Building a new system, looking to go with a p4p800 or msi 865PE NEO2. P4 2.6 800fsb. I am a bit confused about memory,

    I was all set to just buy 2 K-byte 512 sticks of ddr400 from fry's which are $50 ea with the rebate, but the salesman tried to stear me to a pair of corsair sticks which were "dual channel rated" I had also been considering the ddr433 kingmax, but newegg dosn't list these in pairs, though the reviews seem to be using it in dual channel mode...............

    So, my questions are:

    1: will any pair of the same size, speed and brand sticks run in dual ch mode? but maybe not overclock as well?

    2: are the paired sticks I see mostly for overclockers who push these things and need everything to be just right?

    3: is $100 for 1 gig of ddr400 a pipe dream and should I spend about $200 to get something that will run stable

    Thanks for the help

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    I use a pair of 256MB XMS3500 modules which arn't available in twin packs but they work without any prob. The twin packs just to provide ya with modules that have been tested for compatibility but stickin' with the same brand, size and model of memory should be fine though sometimes (not very often) ya'll come a prob though this will usually be when ya overclockin' (twin packs can also have this prob as well but the chance is less).

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