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Thread: lcd monitors

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    Hey my brother wants a flat screen monitor for his computer for christmas... he plays a lot of games and watches a lot of movies on it. and of course does all the typical homework as well. My question here is that i've heard that they aren't very good at games and movies... does anyone know any that are and that won't eat up all of my dough... i don't want to waste my money and just have him complain about it and go back to his old crt if it is no good.. any advice... thanks for the help guys

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    CRT definitly has its advantages with gaming in my opinion. You get a bigger, better looking view at every angle with the option of higher resolutions and refresh rates for a fraction of the price. All the LCD screens I've ever used only support res at 1024X768 topped out and a refresh rate of 75mhz . I'd only get LCD if I was tied for space.

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    I would recommend the Samsung SyncMaster 191T+ for DVD and 3D games. Just like you, I was in doubt when I bought this monitor. I was afraid that there would be ghosting when I watch DVD and play 3D games. However, after 3 days of research I decided to get it. Just to let you know this monitor is everything I expected. The image is sharp and clear. It has both VGA and DVI input, high contrast, and fast response time. You see, the response time is a very important factor when it comes to LCD the lower the number the better. This monitor has the response time of 25ms, which is the best right now. After I got the monitor, just to see how good it is I pop quite a few DVD in and started to see if there is any ghosting, to my surprise there was none. I then launch UT2003, the game play was smooth, no ghosting. I then launch Rise of Nations, also there was no ghosting. Finally, I launch Need for Speed Underground, also no ghosting. This is the best LCD i have seen. I would recommend it.

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    I would recommend a LCD monitor with a 16 ms response time and at least a 500:1 contrast ratio..
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    I'm using an Acer AL707
    one of the cheaper 17" LCDs

    has a max res of 1280*1024
    using it at 100Hz, but is capable of doing 180Hz with the right videocard

    no problems at all with this thingy :)

    iirc it has 20MS response time...quite enough though
    never had any problems with ghosting
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