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Thread: Going to University

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    So starting up the research about getting a computer for university, I'm trying to figure out what exactly I should do. Price isn't really a problem (within reasonable limits) but I'm torn between a desktop and a laptop because obviously the laptop would be more convenient but I worry about what it can do in terms of gaming. I'm betting that the computer will stay among my primary forms of entertainment so I've heard that its hard to use a laptop as a gaming pc. So any advice for me?


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    If you are desiring to stay up-to-date with the latest games, ie. latest hardware then a desktop will have the upgrade capability you require.

    If you can select some good hardware and learn to live with it for a while, then a laptop can provide a lot of good use in addition to portability. Something from the "Desktop Replacement" category of notebooks perhaps. Generally not a lot of battery life, but a good deal of power for applications. Besides, how far from an outlet are you likely to get at school?

    If you really aren't inclined toward portability, then a desktop model is going to be your best bet overall.
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