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Thread: Reliable PSU 400-500w

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    Im looking for a top of the line power supply that i can trust. Right now im using a stock compUSA 450w power supply but i keep getting errors in programs like PowerStrip, Motherboard Monitor, etc... So i am thinking that it is just a piece of junk and i need a new one. I really dont hold any close attachments to it and it would make me feel a lot more comfortable to know that my computer is getting the right amounts of juice.

    One of the bad things about my computer is that the PSU is mounted upside down in the case. I have heard that its ok this way , i just wont be getting very good ventilation, no biggie.

    So what is a very reliable, fairly inexpensive PSU?

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    get a bigger one!

    i have a chumpusa 500 watt'er in this pc

    works like a champ, never a problem and it's been forceably shut off (lost power) many times

    but really, THIS is my next power supply

    :kay: :kay:
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    That one is more than 300 bucks, you have good taste. Im looking for something between 50-100 bucks.

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    I've had no probs with Antec's 420-480W PSU's.

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    there are a number of threads on this same topic, asking almost the exact same question. Search for them and you'll get all the info you want.

    Like I've said in the other threads, Antec PSU's are my personal choice. Using the TruePower 430 atm. It was $100 at the time I bought it and it's come down a good bit since then (US $)
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