I want to upgrade my Dell 4300 with a 512MB chip of memory, but at the same time, not pay alot of money. I was using pricewatch.com to find cheap prices for RAM. I got a bunch of results for generic RAM, but I have no idea what to get as the i dont know what some of the specs mean. First, my specs:

System Chip Set: Intel 845
Memory Architecture: SDRAM PC133
Memory Connectors: two
Max Memory 1 GB (i have 256mb)
Memory Type: PC133 (non ECC or ECC)
BIOS Address: F8000h (I dont even know what this is)

Many of the sites i check out say 64x4 is the new standard. I dont really know what this means, so if someone could explain it, id be thankful. Also, the sites talk about many memory incompatibilities which i dont want. Heres an example:

Generic 512MB (64Mx64 with 64Mx4 DRAMS) PC133 SDRAM Non-ECC
I dont know if some of the numbers have to do with width, but if anyone can explain it, please do, mainly the part with the 64M. Also if u could explain width, please do. Finally, if u have any reccomendations as to what type of RAM to get, id be much obliged, especially if its under $80 (my max, OEM is fine).


One more thing, my book says the comp can support up to 1GB, but an Internet RAM checker says up to 512 MB. Which should i go with, i say the book...