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Thread: What I ended up With

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    First, I'd like to thank everyone here for all their help they gave me in buying my new system!! Thanks a ton, you guys know who you are! So, its all being shipped as we speak, and I feel good about the money spent. You guys probably don't care, but I'll tell you all what I ended up getting.

    Case: Thermaltake Xaser III

    Power Supply: Thermaltake Pure Power Butterfly

    Motherboard: Chaintech 9CJS Zenith

    Video Card: Asus 9600xt

    Processor: Intel Pentium IV 2.4C

    Harddrive: Western Digital Raptor 36.7 GB (mine wasn't refurbished)

    Memory: 2 sticks of Crucial 512MB DDR PC-3200

    Optical Drive: Pioneer DVR-A06

    HSF: Vantec AeroFlow

    Thermal Grease: Artic Silver 5 (you know the stuff)

    SoundCard: Audigy 2

    Anyways, its all ordered so don't try to make me change anything. I'm very happy with the order, but I'd like to hear what you guys would have done differently. I got a budget videocard but will probably upgrade it in a year and a half so I didn't wanna go all out. I plan to use this comp through highschool and maybe freshman year of college, or maybe all of college who knows. I can't wait to get my hands on it to build it.

    Ordered from Newegg//excaliberpc//zipzoomfly. I would have ordered all from newegg but they sold out of the motherboard (orderered that at zipzoomfly, and the psu, ordered from excaliber. I have had success with newegg in the past, having ordered my Logitech Z-680s and an Audigy 2 Soundcard from them. I bet all my stuff comes on Friday, maybe saturday. Ok, enough with this post. Thanks again.

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    Lookin' great! :thumb: I'm sure that system will definately please you.

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    Everything looks excellent man... the only thing that I would do(and im sure eventually you will do this) is add an other hard drive for more space... but even if you don't, you'll love that thing man!
    I'm a newb. Be nice.
    3.0C P4
    WD Raptor primary drive
    Maxtor 120Gb secondary
    ASUS p4c800 deluxe mobo
    1024MB Kingston pc3200 memory
    SB Audigy 2 LS Sound Card
    Lite on cd-rw/dvd combo drive
    Thermaltake Lanfire case w/ 420w PS
    Logitech z-640 speakers
    Sapphire 9600XT
    ...just need a monitor

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