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Thread: Getting a new 6 months

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    Well...this is prolly premature but I'm gonna ask it anyway

    every year I get myself a new PC
    last year was the first time I built it myself and it went without any huge problems

    some downsides were:

    case too small
    bad airflow (only 1 intake and 1 outtake...made some extra holes for that)
    too many cables (LED fans, NEON rounded cables etc)
    wrong mobo (no dual channel mem)
    wrong memory (high timings)

    next time I'm gonna do that all different anyway

    is there anything coming up new that I have to look out for
    what concerns me the most are the cables
    SATA cables will take away most of my problems, but there are still powercables blocking half my airflow
    cablemesh could fix that...but don't wanna do that myself (still don't know why they're not already outfitted with mesh)

    I will probably have about 1500-2000 euros to spend at that time, don't think it will be a problem to get most of the latest stuff

    does anyone know:
    if SATA will still be the fastest?
    if normal LL memory will still do (some ppl already use PureRam technology (costs a ****load now, maybe less then, maybe not even usefull for homeusers)?
    what the fastest AMD 64 will be then? or what other type to take?
    any chance on wireless communication inside the computer? (between mobo+HDD for example (dream on))

    thx for the input :)
    Tomorrow today will be yesterday.

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    Best to wait as BTX format, PCI Express, a new Athlon FX core and possibly DDRII should all be around by then and maybe SATA II as well.

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