I have to put up a workstation, mainly for Graphics Design and Web Design also possibility of use for some Video Editing (and if it comes to that point a small amount of 3D Rendering). My budget is 3000$ for this machine. So far my mind has been set upon Dual Opteron 242 (1.6 GHz) with 8111 Chipset Mainboard (AGP and PCI slots instead of PCI-X of the 8131), 2 Gigs of DDR333 Registered Ram, 2x160GB sata150 drives used in raid 0+1.

The list of programs that will be used most commonly:
-Adobe Photoshop
-Quark Xpress
-Aldus Freehand
-Corel Graphics Suite
-MS Office incl. Frontpage

Here are the problems?
1- I have no idea which graphics cards to use for 2D Fast and Quality Graphics (vivo would be appreciated)
2- Will the upcoming version of Windows XP 64bit Edition increase the performance of the Opteron based systems drastically?
3- more importantly "IS THIS SETUP FASTER THAN A DUAL APPLE G5" that can be bought at the same price range usin MacOS X. I insisted that we get an opteron system instead of the mac thinking that it would outperform the mac and if anyone knows which is the better performer for the buck, please let me know...

Thanks Already for Replies