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Thread: 19" CRT vs. 17" LCD

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    Well whats the big advantage to LCD over CRT? Both would be flat... i don't really know what to get:rolleyes2
    I'm a newb. Be nice.
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    ...just need a monitor

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    What are you going to use it for..:?:

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    If ya a hardcore/semi hardcore gamer then stick with a CRT.

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    Or Hardcore movie watcher, or just want a large desktop.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bodmanza
    Well whats the big advantage to LCD over CRT?
    Basically it is the space saved on the desktop. But you'll want to make sure you get a monitor to suit your needs. If you decide to go with a LCD monitor, you should be aware that there are two varieties.

    The first is a digital device and costs tend to be rather high. You'll need a digital capable video card (of course) and your output will be pretty good. It should be able to handle all office type applications easily and handle some gaming, but nothing hardcore.

    The second variety is a type that allows your analog signal to basically be converted to a digital (LCD) format. While the prices are very enticing with this type of display, the quality of output sucks. Even on your desktop you will notice there is no crispness to the text and graphics. If you even do simple gaming, this type monitor will not hang.

    I generally just go with CRT type monitors myself. While they tend to be bulky, they cost less and provide a display quality that is hard to beat.
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