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Thread: To Prescot or not

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    Im gonna purchase me a new CPU, Mobo and some RAM very soon. I haven't bought any new PC bits for myself since 2002. I've only bought variois AMD based systems that I've built for freinds but as far as Intel based systems are conderned Im a bit out of date. At the moment I have a ASUS P4S8X, Intel P42.4 (533 FSB) and 768MB of Corsair XMS DDR3200.

    Im really not interested in an AMD, to many bad experiances with them and to many happy ones with Intel;).

    I was thinking of buying a:
    P4 2.8 (800FSB), Asus P4P800 Deluxe and 2 512Mb sticks of DDR3200 (not sure which make yet).

    I have a quandry: is it worth waiting for a prescot chip to come out? I'd buy the Prescot 2.8. Would I see a good performance increase over a Northwood 2.8C? Would the extra cash be worth it? Is there a better springdale based mobo to buy? Or a better one that can take a prescot? Which RAM (I was thinking OCZ or Corsair XMS DDR3200)?


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    Have ya read the Prescott thread yet?

    Personally I'd wait for the LGA775 version to come out as early reports on the 478 versions point to some probs but the official release and reviews arn't far away.

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    The only benchmarks we have seen yet are all bugged because the current boards do not recognize the L1 cache properly.

    We will have to wait to see final results.

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