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Thread: A motherboard/CPU combo for an everyday user?

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    HI, My sister just asked me to help her build a new pc. What she has now is a HP 233mhz computer, a newer 40 gig hard drive that she will be using and 256 mb of 256mb of pc133 SDram.

    She is an everyday computer user mostly on the net. She will not be overclocking this at all.

    She just want a good computer that would give her good performance and great stability.

    So let's see Should she go with DDR or continue using the Sdram?
    Do you think she will have any advantage considering the fact above?

    I think I will stay out of the amd XP CPU's and go with an athlon or duron. Would you give your sister a duron? I want to get best bang for the buck on this one.

    Video... GF2mx 200 or 400?

    She says that she has about 300.00-350.00 usd to spend now. but will be willing to gover over the amount

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    Why not just replace the m/b and CPU with the latest Celeron and board to suit based on the i815 chipset?
    Don't go any lower than the GF2 MX400 as the 200 is further crippled. :smokin:

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    For the price of the latest celery, you could get a nice PIII in the 6-800 Mhz range.
    Combined with a stable mobo she'd be getting a lot of added zip to her computing for minimal cash. Then the PC133 SDRAM would be just the ticket. Leave you a lot of $'s for video card shopping too.
    I'm running a Tyan Trinity 400, it's a VIA based board, but stable like a rock. You shop around you should be able to get one for 50-60$'s.

    Nothing wrong with Wiggo's suggestion, there are a lot of ways to skin a cat.
    (sorry Albinus, it's just an expression!
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    Another vote for the Trinity 400. I used to have one before I went dual, and it was a very solid motherboard.

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    For your budget you could grab an MSI nForce-based MSI K7N420 PRO motherboard, Athlon XP 1700+ cpu and 256 MB DDR memory for $331 at
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