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Thread: Newbie(ish) help building system

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    Right - the time has come to buy a new PC and I thought I'd build my own. Trouble is, I've had plenty of experience building PC's and not a hell of a lot at actually choosing the components.

    After a whole load of browsing these forums, hardware reviews etc I think i've sorted out a spec. However I would vastly appreciate some advice from the experts regarding it.

    Are the components (or combination of) good/bad?
    Are there cheaper alternatives that are just as good (or better)?
    Am I going to stumble into some incompatibility issues?
    Any other advice?

    On particular question is the issue of 64 3200+ and 64 3000+. The only difference as far as I'm aware is the amount of l2 cache. Is this worth the additional price or am I only going to get a marginal performance increase out of it.

    Noise is an issue but then so is price. Ideally around the 1500 mark (The following spec is slightly more than that). I'm not planning on o/cing it but I want the option of being able to do so if I decide to.

    One final question. Has anyone had any dealings with since most of the components are coming from there (MB, HSF and Memory from Dabs) and I'd appreciate a headsup if they're no good.

    On to the specs:

    Athlon 64 3200+
    Venus 12 HSF
    Gigabyte k8N Pro (nforce 3)
    2xCorsair 512MB PC3200 CL2
    Antec P160 case
    Antec Truepower 430W PSU
    Titan Aerofoil 120mm fan to be front mounted.
    2x Seagate Barracuda 7200rpm 80GB SATA HDD (Raid 0)
    Sapphire Radeon 128MB 9800 Pro
    Sony 3.5" Floppy
    Sony CRX230E 52x CDRW
    Sony DDu1612-10 DVD Rom
    NetoDragon 56K Modem
    Viewsonic VP171S
    I-Trigue L3500 2.1 Speakers
    Microsoft cordless optical KB & Mouse
    Windows XP Pro.

    I also plan on sticking in an old 40GB Seagate 7200rpm IDE drive from my old system as a data drive. Will there be any problems with this?

    Any help appreciated. I'm not planning on buying for a month or so yet but I'm researching in advance so I know what I'm doing when it comes down to it :).

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    Dude you thought about waiting a while Until the new Graphics Chips are out, that way you can get yourself mybe a Radeon 9800XT or a nVIDIA 5950Ultra for alot cheaper than they currently are, and the possibility of DDR2 coming out very soon also.

    Theres also new AMD64 CPU's coming out soon aswell so why not just hold out until about May, June ish once all the new age hardware is out, and by then you could probably spend your self a nice 2000 or more, if you save onto what you have ATM.

    Just a thought you might consider....although the setup you got there seems pretty dam sweet, oh and get a more powerful PSU I would say 480 Antec True power would be sufficent, just to be on the safe side.

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    Cheers for the reply.

    I want to keep the price to around 1500 so I was actually hoping there might be some similar bits that are pretty much as good but cheaper. The only reason I'd have for waiting around for the new bits is in the hope that the old bits would come down in price.

    I'm beginning to think 100 for a set of speakers is pushing my budget a little too far uneccesarily so I might drop down to the I-trigue 3300's instead since they're around 50-60 instead.

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    Actually I would second waiting for the new tech AND getting it. PCI-Express is coming out this spring and its (tentatively) going to replace the PCI/AGP buses, so if you want to be able to upgrade in the future, wait to get a mobo with it. Also, the Socket 939 AMD64's will be coming out in the spring too. They'll incorporate dual channel capability and other improvements over the current AMD64's. Some things to think about, : peace2: Mista K6
    Modified Dell 8200 Case:
    -400MHz FSB i850 Intel mobo
    -P4 Williamette Socket 478, 1.9GHz
    -768MB 16-bit PC800 RDRAM
    -MSI GF4 Ti4200 128MB @ 284/581
    -7200 RPM Maxtors: 60GB (2MB) on mobo and 160GB (8MB) on ATA/133 PCI Card
    -Creative Inspire T7700 7.1 Speaker System on an Audigy 2
    -Windows XP Home Edition SP2

    Rock on : peace2: , MiStA K6

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    I don't think you should wait, PCI-E is going to take a while to hit mainstream, I'd say it won't be main until Q4 2004, as it will be very expensive as brand new technology when it comes out

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    yo mista k6, jus incase you were wonderin, here's the first motherbaord with the socket 939 on it.

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