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Thread: Wanting to build a new system in the near future

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    I'd like to shop for a system with the following...

    A motherboard with:
    A STRONG (500W?) power supply
    AMD or AMD-64 compatible, single or dual processor
    DDR-SDRAM (of course!) compatible
    Maximum RAM capacity
    AGP 8x
    no on board audio (nothing I know of can beat the Audigy, and my Linux drivers are tuned for the Audigy)
    the most possible PCI slots (for expansion purposes)
    Built-in NIC compatible with Linux based drivers
    Built-in Firewire and/or USB2 support
    ATA-133 (SATA support optional)

    And the following to add to it:
    The fastest AMD or AMD-64 processor
    1gb DDR-SDRAM
    Floppy drive (no, I'm not a fan of dumping floppies, I can't seem to boot via CD-Rom yet on any system I've seen)
    A high end video card (I'm not too hot on the Radeon 9800, that might be half the price of my PC right there, even counting the AMD-64 option!)
    Video capture card (BT878, as Linux drivers work with that)
    I already have an Audigy sound card....
    *RELIABLE* DVD-RW (DVD coasters cost a pretty penny...)
    Extra DVD-R (so I don't burn out my DVD-RW so fast by playing too many DVDs, heheh)

    I'll also be bringing in a legacy SCSI card so I can hook up my 2 SCSI CD-RWs and SCSI CD-Rom

    Plus two the MAXIMUM sized hard drive space that I could fit into the remaining
    EIDE channel. I'd like to break the terabyte mark with *internal* HDs since my firewire drives are acting up big time.

    I'd like to know what I should get and where the cheapest place would be to get it all at once and get it assembled and shipped.

    The system will have Linux and XP on it. I already have 2 19" monitors...

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    If ya can wait till about May/June then do so as there are some CPU's and chipsets (socket 939 based) should be out by then.

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    1. how about a price range.

    2. how about you figure at least *some* of that stuff out yourself.

    3. off the top of my head I would say look at AlienWare, I heard they build good stuff.
    If you want to build it yourself look at

    4. a Site with decent price guides is :

    $1000 Value Gaming PC

    $2500 High-End Gaming PC

    $4000 Extreme Gaming PC

    There you go, price some stuff out, read some guides/reviews and come back with an idea of what you want.

    EDIT: if you can follow Wiggo's advice and wait.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SmokeyTheBalrog


    1. how about a price range.
    I do not know how low I can go for that. I don't want to cut corners though...

    [b]2. how about you figure at least *some* of that stuff out yourself.
    I don't know the most reliable brand of DVD-RW and I don't know what's the best AMD/AMD64 mobo with USB2/Firewire/NIC... other than that, I can figure out the rest, I suppose.

    And yes, I think I'll wait.. thanks :)

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