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Thread: When Should I Build Next Comp?

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    Currently I use:
    P3 933 @ 1008
    Aopen AX63Pro Mobo
    384 PC-133 Ram
    MORPHEUS GeForce 3 (Original)
    SB Audigy Gamer
    Western Digital 10 gig 5400 rpm ata/66 HD
    8X4X32 Philips Burner (I dont burn a whole lot)
    50x Hi-Val CD-ROM
    Linksys 10/100 Nic

    Now...For my next computer I plan on running an AMD system, but I am unsure on wether I should build it with the AMD Thoroughbred CPU/Mobo or the Claw/Sledge Hammer CPU/Mobo.

    I understand the Thoroughbred comes out this summer, whereas the Claw/Sledge Hammer will be released late this year/early next year. Should I wait for the Claw/Sledge CPU with the 64 bit architechture or get a badass comp sooner then that w/ the thoroughbred. What kind of performance difference are we talking about? As far as money goes, I dont want to spend all my cash, but I'm willing to spend what it takes to have a kick ass system. :cool:

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    Personally, what I'd do is hold back for a little while. wait and see what happens with the Geforce vs Radeon battle, see what happens with Intel vs AMD and just watch everything else for a little while. You've got a pretty good system still at the moment, so there's no urgency to upgrade just yet.

    What you could do is buy a few parts now that aren't going to change dramatically, like a big ATA 133 hard drive or something. You can use them in your existing system until you get everything together... but like I said, for the major components (CPU, MB, RAM) just sit and watch for a little.

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    Personally I'd wait now till the "Thoroughbred" is released, late next month maybe, and make judgements based on support of upgrade path and backwards compatability.
    Even if "Clawhammer" makes it out late this year it with have its own bugs that have to be ironed out as with each new format that has come along so you could be looking up till mid next years.
    I'd expect a lot of early socket A owners there now are looking for a major upgrade and if they can get a good motherboard/memory combo to start with then do the "Thoroughbred" core CPU commin' towards the end of the year.

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    It may not be the very latest and greatest, but I'd still hang on to that GF3, as those are still darn good graphics cards for all but the quake 3 FPS freak.

    I'd replace the MB/CPU/RAM all in the same shot. This will probably require the upgrading of the power supply as well. Antec and Sparkle are good brands. Enermax: I see problems crop up with their PSU's according to different forums. Never had a problem with Sparkle PSU's.

    From personal experience, Asus, MSI, AOpen, Tyan, and SuperMicro all make solid products. The last two are not going to be your friends if you want to overclock, however. MSI and AOpen are gonna be your cheapest options, followed by Asus and Tyan and SuperMicro being the most expensive (and for very good reasons). I know a lot of the folks around here like Epox, but I can't speak from any experience with them. They seem to be a pretty good brand though, and I think I may try them out next time.

    To fully utilize 64-bit CPU's, you need a 64-bit OS, which some versions of Linux/*BSD/Unix families are, and a special version of Windows XP fit the bill. I wouldn't worry about 64-bit computing right now, maybe next year, but not today.

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