hey everyone, after having my brother come home with his new computer, i have decided to get a new monitor. he had a 17" Viewsonic E70F+, i have a 17" LG 775N. I believe his had a 0.25mm ddp, compared to my 0.27mm ddp. after looking at his then walking back to my monitor, there is a MASSIVE difference in picture quality. mine is blurry, dark, colours arent bright and no sharpness....:(

anyway ive being fishing around and was thinking strongly towards the 19" 19" G90FB (black)...i want black because my case/speakers/mouse/keyboard are all black so i wanna stick with the theme ;)...im after a 19" specifically, i do alot of graphics work/games/movies etc. im trying to get the best image quality i can get for no more than $350-400 Australian dollars.

is the Viewsonic G90FB a good choice or is there better ones around?