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Thread: Buying a new computer.

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    Im going to buy a new computer.
    My limit is $1300 CDN.

    These are the stores Im going to buy from. If you would like to take your time and help me find good parts/deals.

    What motherboard? - What brand?
    What VGA card? - What brand?
    What memory? - generic brands or brands?
    What sound card? - Creative?
    What processer P4 OR AMD?
    Should I get a networkcard?

    This is the case Im planning to buy.

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    I am always building some from NCIX and in that budget, here is what i would take P.S. I intend overclocking the 2500+ to over 3200 speeds

    -Motherboard: Abit NF7-S (Sound, modem, Ethernet card included)
    -Processor: AMD mobile 2500+
    -Memory: Kingston HyperX PC3200 (400Mhz) dual channel kit (2x256meg)
    -Video Card: ATI Radeon 9600XT
    -HDD: SEAGATE BARRACUDA 7200.7 120GB 8meg
    -DVD Writer\CD writer
    -DVD rom
    Hope you can get those parts from you store!

    Total of 1168$ CAD without taxes and shipping
    And if you dont know how to overclock, just search the forums, it's real simple!
    SYX -=AMD Powered=-
    AMD 1800+ @ 1880Mhz on A7S333 , 250 Meg DDR 333 Platinum @2-2-2-6
    Asus TNT 2 32 meg (128) , 250W ATX, 200W AT (same case)
    Steel automotive intake fan (see avatar) , 3X40mm exaust fans in the back

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    I wouldn't get the mobile 2500 unless I was planning on getting a really nice cooling system and planning on a lot of overclocking. It can top more expensive desktop Bartons easily with overclocking if you have good cooling. However, desktop Bartons are better at stock, so get a 2800 or something if you don't want to overclock.

    However, on a budget that high, you really should consider something more powerful than a Athlon XP-based system. Athlon 64 systems are doable for that much money (about $950 U.S.).

    If you want to take a shot at that (I think hardware is probably a bit cheaper in the states so...), here's some basic guidlines (I could go find links for the whole system if I really wanted):

    Motherboard: On-board SATA, RAID, Sound, and Gigabit ethernet. K8T800 chipset, socket 754 (unless you want to wait a while). Front-side bus of 1600 MHz or HyperTransport. Make sure it has dual channel support.

    Processor: Athlon 64 3000, 3200, or 3400. The 3000 is probably the best bang-for-buck, but the others are more powerful.

    HDD: 10000 RPM Western Digital Raptor. Either the 36.7 GB (same as 40GB) or the 74GB (80GB). Getting two of the same would also be really good because you could RAID them.

    Memory: Kingston, OCZ, Mushkin, Geil, Corsair, a few others. On top of brand, either PC3200 or PC3500, CAS latency of 2. Getting two identical sticks of 512 MB (total 1GB) or getting two packaged together for dual channel would best. If your getting over the budget, 512MB would be good for a start. Upgrading later is always an option.

    Cooling: Get Arctic Silver 5 or a similar thermal compound for your CPU. It's a must-have for cooling. Get a good heat sink/fan (you get what you pay for, as a certain admin of this site says; don't go too cheap). Make sure it fits your socket (754). Get a case with five or more fans or buy them seperately and get a case without any. You want a lot of cooling for this typ of system.

    Power supply unit: At the very least, 420W. Anywhere between 450W and 600W would be preferable. Expecially if you get more expensive hardware.

    Case: I don't care.... Preference. Getting one that has fans or comes with a PSU would be really good, but those can be purchased seperatly.

    Video Card: Radeon 9800 Pro (either 128MB or 256MB) or a Radeon 9800 XT. The 256MB Radeon 9800 Pro may be best, as there is a way to turn it in to a 9800XT (even though it costs less). More on that if you get that.

    Removable Media Drives: Get what you want. A fast CD player is the only necessary thing. But if you want a CD or DVD writer, feel free. A sinlge DVD-RW\CD-RW combo drive is probably best.

    Human Interface Devices: Surely you have a mouse, keyboard, monitor, and speakers. Use them rather than purchasing new so you can put money into the system itself. But that's totally up to you...

    You can get all this for somewhere between $1100 CAD and $1600 CAD. It depends on exactly what you get and how much it costs. The idea is it will be powerful and upgradable, even though you won't want to uprade for quite a while. Even an Atlhon XP 3200 system with great cooling, video card, etc. is already limited to being mid-range and is basically impossible to upgrade without a new motherboard. An Athlon XP system just isn't a good use of your money if you have that much. You can make great value computers with Athlon XP (for somewhere around $650-$850 CAD, I'd guess), but they'll become relatively old pretty fast. It will take years for an Athlon 64 system to become mid-range, much less in need of a processor upgrade.

    If you can find stuff within my suggestions (post links when you do), I think you would be much happier than trying to build a system with an Athlon XP (or Pentium 4, for that matter).

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    Thanks :o .

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