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Thread: New system inquiries....

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    Default New system inquiries....

    Its been awhile since I built a new system, about a year now. I've never put together an AMD system but I'm thinking about gong with a 64 bit CPU. Is AMD the best bet for the price or should I stick to an Intel CPU?

    Whats the best motherboard chipset and brand name to go with? I'm sure the chipset as usual means alot, right?

    What CPU?

    Ofcoarse I haven't been in the market for video cards, harddrives, Ram and most everything else so please let me know what rocks today.

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    Default Re: New system inquiries....

    if your going 64 bit then you will need an amd system, intel doesnt have a consumer 64 bit processor. the athlon 64 will also be faster in 32 bit programs than the p4.
    i cant help with the motherboard exepth that you should look at a good brand like Asus Abit MSI Gigabyte DFI etc.
    Athlon 64 cpu would be best for the processor.
    for the video card either get one of the new generation of cards or get a 9800Pro if you cant afford better.
    hard drive, just get the biggest you can with an 8mb cache from a good make like western digital or seagate. its up to you whether you get serial ATA.
    for ram look for pc3200 or 3500 with cas 2 or 2.5 timings from a good brand like corsair.
    hope this helps
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    Default Re: New system inquiries....

    A socket 939 mobo on the Via chipset would be a good thing to get, as well as an Athlon64 3500+ or greater. Or you could look at the cheaper S754 and get an Athlon64 2800+ or better for that line. Good Cas2 PC3200 or PC3500 is good, and get two 512mb sticks of it to end up with 1gb of RAM, stick with brands like Corsair, Crucial, Kingston, OCz, GeiL, Mushkin. Get a 9800pro, or if you can afford it an X800 of FX6800. For HD's, at least get a 7200rpm with 8mb cache, sticking with Western Digital, Maxtor and Seagate. Personally, I would get one or two WD Raptors and run them in a RAID 0

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    Default Re: New system inquiries....

    You'll be looking at around $600 for a motherboard and 3500, with probably another $100 spent on RAM (unless you get a GB, which you should if you can afford it). Another $200+ for a Radeon 9800 Pro (unless you can afford better). An 80GB 7200RPM SATA HDD will be under $80, but you could also get a 10000RPM Raptor that AMD mentioned for quite a bit more (unless you get a 36GB).

    You'd want to go with a socket 939 setup unless you really can't afford it, but the socket 754s aren't bad purchases.

    Personally, I'd be looking at an AV8 ,3500 along with a 9800 Pro. Maybe some of thisPC3500 if you only want to go with 512MB (which won't be much worse in actual gaming than 1GB, just in loading times). Maybe some Corsair XMS with low timings if you want a GB of PC3200.
    HDD should be done according to your needs for space (just make sure you're getting a SATA drive).

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