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Thread: ANY upgrade required?

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    Default ANY upgrade required?

    Hello there all,

    I am a 17 yr-old male with my own personally built rig. I have had this rig for over 12 months now, and I am wondering if there are any upgrades that would seem WORTH it economically.

    I play many different games (this is where the performance is ultimately needed) such as Star Wars Galaxies (not so much anymore) Planetside, Soldiers, Total War, Day of Defeat and so forth.

    My rig consists of;

    CPU - Intel P4 2.8Ghz C (800FSB)
    Mobo - Asus P4P 800 Deluxe
    Mem - 2x 256mb PC 3200 Kingston sticks @ 400mhz
    Vid - ATi Radeon 9600 Pro 128mb
    Sound - Soundmax Digital Audio (on-board)
    HDD - 80Gb Maxtor 7200 RPM
    Case - Antec SOYO Server case, 3 fans

    BTW, my rig does NOT overclock well, as I have tested it out to no avail, it actually degrades my system performance due to memory limitations.

    Does anybody think there are any needed upgrades?

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    Default Re: ANY upgrade required?

    Maybe upgrade your video card to a Radeon 9800 Pro or better. Other than that, your system should be just fine for gaming (and overkill with some of your games).

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    Default Re: ANY upgrade required?

    An Audigy Soundcard maybe? I noticed a significant difference in sound quality from my onboard when I upgraded to it. Since u can pick 1 up from a market for around $60 au, they wont break the budget either.

    Other then that - Some simple tweakin could be all you need. My rigs worse then yours and runs all those games fine (Not at highest detail or wit AA granted).
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