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Thread: Shuttle or AMS e-cube?

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    Default Shuttle or AMS e-cube?

    I am looking to purchase a SFF barebone system in the next few days and I need some suggestions etc. on the hardware stated. I already have lying around...

    1. P4 2.4 or 2.66 (Non HT's 533 FSB's which I would upgrade in the future)
    2. 512 meg PC2700 Ram (2 x 256 which I would also upgrade later)
    3. WD SE Caviar 80 gig 8 meg cache 7200 rpm HD (keep)
    4. ATI Radeon 9800 Pro (keep)

    Now I do like the AMS (EG65) because it has the handle like the FragBox from Falcon NW and has clear windows already so it makes it easier to mod! BUT, the Shuttle is more widely known and trusted (although I am quite sure the AMS is a shuttle I just don't know if the internals are the same). I have done some research but nothing has made one stand out from the other.

    Now I have also read that there might be some compatibility issues with Prescott and Celeron chips for the AMS although this doesn't affect me currently nor would in the future as I would get/prefer a Northwood core when I upgrade. I really just need some more clarification/comparisons on the MB's in each and their +/- or good/bad etc. Thanx for any info and your time.
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    Default Re: Shuttle or AMS e-cube?

    I'd suggest you look at an Antec Aria mATX cube case and a socket 478 mATX board. The 300W PSU from Antec alone makes it very attractive compared to other SFF system.

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    Default Re: Shuttle or AMS e-cube?

    Wow great! Thanx man I think with your help I have found what I am looking for.

    1. Antec Aria ($99 Newegg)
    2. Asus Micro ATX P4P800-VM MB ($91 Newegg)
    3. Zalman CNPS7000A-Cu HSF ($40 Newegg a bit pricier but they never let me down)

    And the rest of the stuff I have lying around so it's a definate buy for me now!

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