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Thread: New sound card for 5.1

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    Default New sound card for 5.1

    Quick question, I have a soundblaster audigy 2 sound card hooked up with5.1 speakers, would getting a better sound card majorly change the clairity of the sound at all?

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    Default Re: New sound card for 5.1


    The Audigy 2 are amoung the best sound cards I've heard of. If your thinkin of going for a platinum or an NX. They are simply ZS' with a whole lot of useless accessories added. They wont change your sound quality at all.

    If your getin bad sound out of your card. I would suggest either new speakers (What do you have currently?), or a malfuction in the card.
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    Default Re: New sound card for 5.1

    nah my speakers are fine, i just wanted to kno if there would be any icrease in clairity, but appearently not lol

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