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Thread: $500 Computer System(Need Help)

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheAnomaly
    What do you mean by "not cutting it"? Will the 300w generic PSU screw up my system by not having enough power to supply the needs of the system? Anyway the PSU is an Antec 400w.
    Your system might not run at all; it might have stability problems; it might even kill the PSU, possbily taking some hardware with it. A 400W Antec will be perfect, though.

    Quote Originally Posted by TheAnomaly
    t128mb ATI Radeon 9550 costs around $108 while 128mb 128-bit Geforce FX - 5200 costs around $68.
    Is the Geforce FX-5200 that crappy that almost 90% of what I read votes against that card? [/QUOTE]
    The FX5200 costs about $50-$70, while most 9550s and 9600s should be $60-$80. There are more expensive cards in both lines, but the cheaper (assuming they have the same specs) tend to be just as good in most aspects. Should be able to get a 9550 or 9600 for not much more than the FX5200. Remember, there are different brands, not just ATI and nVidia (which make the chipsets, bu don't build most of the cards).

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    Default Re: $500 Computer System(Need Help)

    They have an GeCube Radeon 9550XT , I think this is my best bet as i've stretched my wallet enough...Anyway, I'll be adding more to this system as soon as I get money to spare or when the games start to look fuzzy.

    Thanks Yawgm0th & Flaco for answering my inquiries. More power to you guys!

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