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    Hello all, Ok i want to build a comp (for nephew who loves mine )using some spare parts I have and getting best suggestions for what I got and want . This computer will be a worker and a gamer. I have 4 sticks of single channel geil ultra 3500 and looking to match it with fastest overclocking friendly setup . I have been intel p4 guy but hey i am consumer and will go where the best bang is . I am looking for a mother board that does not have any extras .. i will be not be using sata drives and will use seperate nic and sound cards . I currently run an ic7 max 3 paired with a 2.8 800 and an ati 9800 pro and some 4400 ocz mem with the booster , and I am very happy with it . The vid card is an issue ... prob a gt .I know this is blabby but hey If you can think of a winning combo of sorts i will be happy
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    If you want a computer without too many extra onboard peripherals and overclockablility, a good setup would be this:

    Chaintech VNF3-250
    AMD Sempron 3100
    Arctic Silver 5
    Thermaltake Venus 12
    2x512MB of your RAM or 3x256MB, buy you can't use four sticks and shouldn't anyway
    Cheap case with room for fans... Raidmax makes some really nice, but cheap ones
    Geforce 6600GT (make sure it's AGP) OR Geofrce 6800 OR GeForce 6800GT (based on how much money you spend)
    480W Thermaltake power supply

    That will overclock past 2.6GHz (which will easily outperform your 2.8GHz P4 in games) and be extremely fast for games, while remaing cheap. If you want some upgradability, with increased price, a socket 939 system would make more sense.

    As for onboard sound and LAN, there simply aren't good motherboards without both. You'd be lucky to find a motherbaord without sound. Most good motherboards have SATA these days, too.

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    Thanks for advice , with so many choices and styles now i am just looking to build an iterm computer till I hit the lottery . I am not interested in getting the diamond monster stack ( hehe they even kept the same abreveation ) going again even though it'll rock , when in 6 months and 3 games later it is kaput . Hey anyone interested I still havem ...... The 2 Diamond boards that is ..let me see ya they were 250 each I think ........... ah the marketing geniouses .
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