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Hey, I just built a system that rocks for about 8 bills . These guys here are great here goes ; 3100 semperon , vnf3-250 , gf6800 , Audigy 2 ZS sound card ,wd 80 g sata hard drive , dvd+cdr sata, thermaltake 480 , thermaltake venus 12 , Aerocool case , 120 fan .. All off www.newegg.com ....had 3 sticks memory , monitor , keyboard, mouse and speakers . This set up rocks .... was pretty cheap .. overclocks well .. still working on that ... Woot you should get good input here and hmmmm Dell Be Well and have a blast build your own .... heck build 2
That looks good right there (something I recommended?)... How well does it overclock for you?

Anyway, that would be good ofr your friend, though get a more powerful processor and weaker heatsink if you won't be overclocking. Never get Dell unless you need a laptop.