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Thread: Intel or AMD???

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    Default Intel or AMD???


    I live in Australia and am currently looking at building a pc. I intend to use it for mainly gaming but also internet and other applications such as office.
    I have always built my pc's using Intel processors and have turned a blind eye to AMD's until reading posts on this forum. I already had a system to build in mind which is listed below (links included):

    CPU Intel pentium 4 530 3.0GHz LGA775

    Motherboard Intel D915PBLL S775/PCI-E/DDR2/SND

    Memory 2x DDR2 533MHZ 512mb DIMM

    HDD Seagate 120Gb 7200RPM SATA

    Case Xion SF-465T1 with 350W PSU and Window

    Video Card ATI Radeon X300 PCI-e /256/TV OR ATI Radeon X700 Pro PCI-e/128

    I only intend on spending $1200 - $1400 on just the tower. Im not too keen on overclocking right now due to loss of warranty however i may look in to that further down the line. Im not shaw what to do everyone and every site seems to have a different opinion. I always thought AMD was only good if you intended on overclocking.

    Any help would be great.... what do you think of this system??? and if you think i should go down the AMD line any reccomendations would be great

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    Default Re: Intel or AMD???

    Get a 480W PSU from a decent company (not something that comes with a case from a company now known for PSUs; go Antec, or Thermaltake, or Enermax, or something else good) along with a socket 939 (AMD) board using the nForce 4 chipset. Get a GeForce 6600GT for your video card. It's a pretty good gaming card, but doesn't cost too much. Don't get an X300, whatever you do. Get an Athlon 64 3500 for your processor. Get two 512MB sticks of PC3200 RAM.

    That machine would be much faster for gaming and most applications you'd ever use. Don't go Intel for much besides video encoding, regardless of whether or not you decide to overclock.

    If you live in Australia, you're not going to be getting anything from Newegg...

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    Default Re: Intel or AMD???

    Anyone who is a dedicated gamer shouldn't even think about Intel.

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    Default Re: Intel or AMD???

    And as stated in other threads it gets VERY hot, and again, should only be used for video encoding or a small stove hehe(not my idea, but funny anyway)
    My Current Rigs:
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