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Thread: Rate my comp

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    would this comp be good enough to play these games World of warcraft,Matrix online, NFS uderground 2? cause thats really what im looking for is to play games along these lines of spec.

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    Why would you spend $175 on a socket 754 motherboard? It defeats the purpose of using socket 754 entirely... Socekt 754 is for cheaper systems that need more bang-for-buck. With a board that expensive, you'll get much worse bang-for-buck. Besides, you've selected a PCI-E video card for an AGP motherboard, which isn't going to work...

    I'd suggest you wait for this motherboard to come back into stock. Socekt 939 and PCI-Express are the way to go for a system with this budget. Get a socket 939 3200 for your processor. Keep the same video card you had or go for a more expensive PCI-E card such as this.

    For your RAM, this is better and cheaper.

    Rethink your optical drive choices. There isn't much reason to get an $84 DVD burner and a $40 combo drive when you can get a better dual-layer burner for less (I'd go for NEC or Lite-On) and a better CD-Rw/DVD ROM for less. I also don't see much reason in getting a combo drive at all, since the DVD burner will burn CDs. I'd suggest a DVD-ROM drive for your second drive, unless you can think of a really good reason to have two burners.

    As usual, I'd recommend Seagate because of the long warranty. However, Maxtor, Seagate, and Western Digital all make good drives, so any one will work. You can also go with an IDE drive to reduce the price. SATA drives are a bit faster than IDE drives of the same speed, size, and cache, but not enough so that you should cut money from another area of the system just to afford it. Get SATA if you can spare the extra money.

    That PSU will probably be insufficient for a socket 939 system, though it would likely have been stable with a socket 754 system. As others have said, you should get a 480W PSU from a quality company. You can still get the same case and not use the PSU, though I'd suggest something cheaper since you're on a budget.

    Overclocking is the at of increasing the clock speeds of your hardware, usually the processor, RAM, and video card. In other words, it makes them faster. However, it results in more heat, more power comsumption, and reduced life span (though not so much that it matters, in this case). There is a risk you can damage or destroy hardware, and it will void at least the processor's warranty, if not other parts as well (possibly CPU, PSU, RAM). I'd suggest you just get the retail processor I linked to and come back to us if you decide you want to overclock the computer so it's faster. Although, you could overclock the video card right away as that involves much less risk and, in this case, will be more beneficial to gaming performance. See for help overclocking your video card.

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    Taking in all considerations from all the replys iv come up with this new system. Tell me if it will play the games i want and if all parts will work together. And if im getting my moneys worth. And if i need to make anymore changes.Systems parts:
    cd drive1
    cd drive2
    video card

    Please let me know if this computer system would work. Thanks in advance for all your help.

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