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Thread: Case suggestions?

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    Default Case suggestions?

    I am building a new system and I'm having a lot of trouble finding/deciding on a case.

    Here's what I know so far is going to go into it...

    Chaintech VNF4 Ultra
    Athlon 64 3000+
    2x512 MB Mushkin DDR400(PC3200), CAS 2.5-3-3
    Seagate 120GB IDE, 8MB buffer
    Chaintech 6600GT, PCI-e
    DVDRW drive (not sure which one yet)
    52x CDROM
    possibly an internal CompactFlash reader
    Thermaltake 480W Silent PurePower psu

    Going to be overclocking, so I really want something that has great ventilation.

    I'll be putting a Venus 12 on the CPU, and maybe replacing the hsf on the 6600GT to allow me room to try to o/c that as well. So, something with enough room for those two things, and maybe an extra 120mm fan. I would prefer something with a window, but looks aren't that important. Just want something that's solidly built, enough room to work, good ventilation and temp.

    Can you guys help me out?

    Thanks in advance
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    Default Re: Case suggestions?

    There are a huge number of enclosures with windows and decent airflow but your desire for the 120mm fans will take that number down a good deal. The Thermaltake Shark enclosure and the Antec P160 both offer 120mm cooling, but I'd probably lean toward the Thermaltake model since you want to have room. The Antec isn't really a "small" case, but the Shark is a good deal bigger on the inside. It also has cutout tabs in the back in the event you decide to go water cooling in the future. Both offer a single 120mm fan for intake and a single 120mm fan for exhaust so your desire for the larger (and quieter) fans will be met. Also take a look at some of the CoolerMaster offerings as they also have a very good line of enclosures. I haven't tested any of their 120mm versions, though, so I didn't mention any by specific model.
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    Default Re: Case suggestions?

    This is what I have for my new Barton system and it's got pretty good termal capabilities. I have eight 80mm fans in it with a TT Volcano 12. My 2400-M idles at 29-31C at stock, and 38-43 at 2.25 GHz. Some modding, and I could put a 160mm or a 120mm at the top (or I could have put a single 160mm in front instead of 4x80mm) and if I cut the window I could put a fan over the CPU (and I'll probably do both those things). It's also extremely cheap. Ignore the pcitures, because it comes with room for 2x80mm fans in the back, not one 60mm. It's also light and extremely cheap.

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