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Thread: kick-a$$ computer

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    Question kick-a$$ computer

    Hi gang,

    I've been lurking around for a bit and finally think I am ready to start putting my "ultimate" machine together. I am hoping that a few of you might take a few moments to steer me in the right direction if any of my thinking is off.

    I am a software developer who is into some really heavily CPU intensive artificial intelligence stuff as well as a hard-core gamer.

    I've decided to go with the AMD 64 FX-53 as the core CPU. I have been unable to find a dual socket (939) mobo for this CPU - did I miss it or don't they exist yet?

    I currently own an ATI 9800XT PRO video card, so I do not want to spend any additional $$ for on-board video support.

    I am looking for mobo recommendations. I want to be sure that I don't have to use registered RAM (I don't think any of the 939 socket mobos require registered RAM). I want to be able to use the fastest 10K SATA harddrive(s) available. I will get at least 1 GB of 533Mhz dual channel memory.

    Money is not really a major issue so again I am trying to get the absolute best components that I can - what is the mobo you'd choose if you didn't have to worry that much about cash?

    Anyone have any favorite cases or power-supplys?

    Thanks for your time and recommendations!!!


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    Default Re: kick-a$$ computer

    Ok first things fist. The FX-55 is much better. Secondly, if money is not an issue, go with the 6800 Ultra. Thirdly, there is no dual S939 mobos. Any Socket 939 mobo with SATA-150 should fit your needs.

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    Default Re: kick-a$$ computer

    Where I order from, the FX-55 is only $20 more than the FX-53 so go with the FX-55 ;)
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    Default Re: kick-a$$ computer

    Quote Originally Posted by amd_man2003
    Ok first things fist. The FX-55 is much better. Secondly, if money is not an issue, go with the 6800 Ultra. Thirdly, there is no dual S939 mobos. Any Socket 939 mobo with SATA-150 should fit your needs.
    Hell, if money isn't an issue, go with SLI and dual 6800 Ultras.

    And there is a dual socket-940 board in development that uses regular, non-ecc, unbuffered DDR, and nForce 4 SLI. In this case, dual Opteron 250s and that board would be nice, assuming money really isn't an issue. :) Board isn't out yet anyway, though...

    Anyway, unless you waited for that board, assuming it isn't just too good to be true, you'd want an nForce 4 SLI-based board. The Gigabyte looks good to me, but pretty much all of them are great. If you decide against SLI, get an nForce 4 Ultra-based motherboard.

    For RAM, dual 512MB Corsair 4400C2.5P would be ideal. Don't get more than 1GB, and don't get less. Forget about registered RAM entirely.

    Like I said, dual 6800GTs or Ultras will be the ideal video cards. Get just one even if you don't go with SLI. Your 9800XT is simply out of the question, It's a mid-range card, and it's AGP, so you can't even use it with any PCI-E boards, and not getting a PCI-E board on a system with virtually no budget would just be stupid.

    For storage, you could get 4 10,000RPM 74GB WD Raptors and run them in RAID 01 for both speed and reliability. There will also be RAID 5 support ont the better of these boards, though I doubt you'll have any reason for it.

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