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Thread: New rig

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    Default New rig

    DFI LANPARTY UT nF4 Ultra-D - $130.00
    ATI Radeon X800XL - $285.00
    OCZ OCZ420ADJ 420W PSU - $89.00
    fUnc SU-BK-BK Surface 1030 Black Base Mousepad - $19.00
    AMD Athlon 64 3200+ - $190.00
    OCZ Value Series 1GB (2 x 512MB) - $115
    NEC floppy - $8.50
    BELKIN 6 Outlets Power Surge Protector - $6.79
    Seagate Barracuda 7200.7 200GB SATA - $124.00
    Logitech Elite Keyboard - $24.00
    SAMSUNG 997DF-T/T 19" CRT Monitor - $199.99
    Logitech MX510 Mouse - $28.00
    NEC ND-3520A Black IDE DVD Burner - $49.99
    Logitech X-530 5.1 Speaker - $46.00

    I will not be buying this system until I have the money which will be in a month or two. I know that new parts will be available then, but I want to get a basic idea of what I will be getting and what I need to spend.

    Everything is included above except for case. So if you have any case suggestions that would be appreciated. I want this system to be as cheap as possible. Preferably under $1,000 if that is at all possible, so I want the best bang for my buck. I will be overclocking so tell me if the parts I chose are best for overclocking. I also want the system to be fairly quite since it will be on 24/7 and I will be sleeping next to it.

    It will be used for gaming which is kind of obvious. If I need anything else then tell me. If I can get anything cheaper without losing anything or much at all then tell me.

    Thanks in advance for the advice.
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    Default Re: New rig

    Drop the mousepad. It's unecessary with optical and laser mice, and even if you want one you don't need to spend $19. Hell, the three main branches of the military each pass out their own customized ones for free at my school...

    Logitech Elite keyboards are really nice, but if you value money use an existing keyboard or get a cheap =<$10 keyboard.

    Change the PSU. You'll need a 480W or greater from a decent company with a 24-pin power connector, such as this.
    You won't even need to spend more than what you had for the 420W OCZ.

    As for the fan, you should get a Thermaltake K8 Silent Boost or something similar, along with some Arctic Silver 5. Together with Cool & Quiet and some large, slow fans for intake and exhaust, it ought to stay quiet enough for you to sleep. Then again, I sleep fine with three computers and my Volcano 12 on loudest in the same room, not to mention that the one computer has 13 fans not including the volcano. My hearing is fine, so I may not be reliable in that area.

    You can save $8 and get an OEM 3200 instead of a retail, but I'd say $8 is worth it for the three-year warranty.

    I'd suggest you upgrade the video card, though. That actually is a good card for its price range, but a 6800GT/6800Ultra or X800XT/X850XT would be better. The 6800GT isn't even that expensive, and at this point enough games use Pixel Shader 3.0 that that alone makes it worth the increased cost.
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