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Thread: How many hard drives can I have?

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    Cool How many hard drives can I have?

    I need to buy more space - my hard drives are almost full up.

    here's the system:
    P4 3.4 GB EE
    P4C800-E Deluxe
    2 GB RAM DDR3200
    2 x 200GB WD 7200 rpm ata
    cd-rom, DVD-RW, 6-in-one media reader, floppy
    (is this enough info?)

    I called tech support at the company that built the machine and the first guy I spoke to was sooo rude - he said I didn't mean hard drives, I meant RAM [now I'm not the brightest spark when it comes to hardware but I'm not so stoopid that I don't know the difference] then he had a cow that I had the audacity for calling tech support in the first place. I hung up and called another guy at this company. This second guy was much more helpful but he advised that my only option would be to replace the CD rom with only one more ATA hard drive. This confused me - because from reading the literature, I thought my mobo could support 4 hard drives 2 ATA and 2 SATA. And I'm pretty sure there's enough space for these drives in my tower. Am I missing something?

    So... do I buy one more ATA? Or can I get 2 SATA?

    Any suggestions would be gratefully received,


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    Default Re: How many hard drives can I have?

    Go with SATA harddrives, since you can only have two devices on each of your IDE cables. You can just buy one and run that, or two and decide if you want them in RAID or as separate drives for storage
    AMD XP 2600+
    SOYO Dragon 400
    1 gig 3200 DDR
    Phillips CD/RW
    Pioneer DVD -/+ RW
    2-60 gig HD in RAID, 1 60 gig backup
    XP Pro

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