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Thread: Canadian Computer :)

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    Question Canadian Computer :)

    Hi all,

    just want to say thanks ahead of time to anyone who is willing to help me with this, because im putting down some money on this computer and i want it to turn out nice :)

    budget - im thinking about 2000 - 2500 canadian, thats about 2029.63 usd :P max.

    location - im looking at buying off this one nice canadian website, i dont know if anyone has anything better but its reall cool because it lets you disclude the os and all that crap, and sells at a nice price. if you think my website is bad you can list a diff one i can get it shipped to my uncle in the us and have him bring it in to me later htis summer.

    specs - i want to use:
    - amd athlon 64 with a 939 pin of some sort
    - high end graphics card for games, i hear the ati is leading end graphics cards right now "tv out would be sorta cool"
    - probly about 2 gigs of ram if possible..
    - nice mother board that i can upgrade ram later.
    - like a nice lcd 17 incher in there 2 :S thats a bit expensive but its sorta important for the desk my computer is on.

    dont need speakers, keyboard, mouse, or any optical drives.. hell i dont even really need a hard drive, but it would be nice to get say a 200 gig.

    so yeha i know a bit about what i want... but i dont know a hell of a lot about the new products... i also dont know much about raid drives, maybe someone could explain the benefits of using them? thanks a bunch

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    Default Re: Canadian Computer :)

    oh also, i dont know much about this 2X pci g force graphics card setup people can run, would that be a better way of doing things, or would it be possible to leave this possibility open for later, and get one good vid card at the moment, so i can upgrade in due time.

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