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Thread: Building New System, Need Sugestions On New Parts =]

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    Default Building New System, Need Sugestions On New Parts =]

    My new system will consist of an AMD Athlon 64 x2 4800+, one or two 7800 gtx's, a DFI LANparty nf4 sli-dr or an Asus A8N-sli delux motherboard, an Enermax eg851ax 660watt power supply, one western digital raptor drive, a diamonback maxtor hard drive, and a titan vanessa l-type cpu cooler. As for the case, memory, sound card, mouse, and moniter, I'm not too sure. I might be able to get some discounts and free parts, but im looking at a budget of about 2,300, if anyone has any sugestions please tell me, and also if theres something ive already listed and you know better of please tell me and why. I'm looking at what I may eliminate if the guy I'm talking to can't get me free parts that fit under that budget. Thanks again =D

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    Default Re: Building New System, Need Sugestions On New Parts =]

    A budget of $2300 USD? Unless you don't plan on doing this for a good six months, your out of luck. Two 7800s and an X2 4800 will take up almost all of that budget. With just one, though, you'll have no problems. Correct me if it's not US currency in question.

    But I will continue, regardless of that.

    For RAM, get 2x512MB of OCZ VX or Mushkin Redline. They are virtually identical, so get whichever is cheaper. You may want to consider 4x512MB, though. For now, there is still a limitation that causes A64 systems with four sticks of RAM to run at a 2T command rate, which hurts performance more than the 1GB will help, arguably. AMD claims the latest core fixes this, but recent tests show it doesn't. I'd imagine it's simply up to the motherboard manufacturers to make some BIOS updates for this.

    For a mouse, get a Logitech MX 10000. It's pretty damn good, regardless of its high price (which is irrelevant given the budget). My mom actually got one, which is rediculous because she doesn't do anything that can take advantage of it, but that's not the point. It's wireless is more reliable than any other mouse I've ever seen, and it is superior in it's actualy technology. It's an actual laser mouse, as opposed to an optical. I speak from experience when I say that it's worth it for a gamer to get this mouse, as long as he or she has relatively deep pockets. If you are outraged by the price, then get any wired (this is the only wireless I'll consider for gaming) Logitech mouse.

    For a monitor, that depends. If you intend on moving it a lot and find it incredibly difficult to move CRTs because of their weight and size, or if you don't have enough desk space for a CRT, then you would want an LCD. Otherwise, get a CRT, especially if you value your wallet, because an acceptable LCD for this machine will require a budget increase, regardless of how many 7800s you get). Anything that will run at 1600x1200 at 72Hz or greater will do, but go for something that will run at 2048x1536 at a high refresh rate if you are willing to spend the money. I'd recommend something between 19'' and 21'' that can run at [email protected]+. You can get a 19'' that will do this for under $200, and you probably won't make use of anything much better (and excessive gaming on a CRT above 1600x1200 will damage your eyes over time because none of them go 72Hz+ at 2048x1536).

    For your case, that's debateable. There are two things I would consider priorities for this: Cooling and aesthetic value. Read reviews in regards to the former and simply browse online retailers (preferably Newegg, still assuming we're talking about the U.S. here) in regards to the latter.

    For sound cards, any Creative Labs Audigy SoundBlaster 2 will do, but there are some advantages to the more expensive (much more expensive) models, such as the Audigy 4 Pro. If you don't plan to use surround sound or don't want to waste too much money here, just get the cheapest Audigy 2 you can find, because any 24-bit card will do.

    For your motherboard, get the DFI over the ASUS. Simply put, it's better.

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