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Thread: What router to get

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    Default What router to get

    Need to get a new router and compatible wireless card

    I have a D-Link DI 514 right now that is unreliable. RF link to wifes computer is weak. Router drops connection too often and requires endless tinkering to get back on line ( 50% of the time I have to do a hard reset) Yes I have the tee shirt for 100 hours on the D-Link help desk.

    If I go direct from broadband modem into my computer I have full 1Mbps connect 24/7 and zero issues. (not quite true, a gully washer very heavy rain can drop the connection just like with Sat TV)

    Enough budget to get the good stuff.

    Both computers are separated by 45 feet and several walls. Second CPU had a compatible Dlink PCI card in the back that is blocked from clear path to the router. Do not want to rearrange rooms.

    Broadband (1Mbps) is provided by Pegasus Wi-Band from a parabolic (direct TV type) dish that feeds the router via cat 5 and a power adapter (for the radio modem at the dish).

    The wired side into my computer from the router drops the connection too often (I think it is a heat issue). I am tired of troubleshooting and resetting.

    The Wireless (RF) side to my wifes computer suffers from low signal quality and of course is impacted by the router dropping the connection to the WAN. It is her constant griping that has me motivated to get good stuff!

    I built both computers 3 years ago and they are still sufficient for our needs. If you see obvious components that could be upgraded let me know. I am just too damned lazy to do the research for best bang for the buck any more. When I built her I did a LOT of research (reason I still have an account here).

    The Asus MBs came with WiFi-B ports and adapters but never would work as access point (worked great computer to computer But I never could get Internet sharing to work)

    In search of better than average router with wired and wireless capability. The two home computers can be on the latest and greatest 802.11XXX but our take home "work laptops" usually have 802.11b so prefer one that is backward capable. ( seems to me, last time I checked these out, 24 months ago there was issues with some routers and switches that when falling back to 802.11b from 802.11g they fell back on all ports). That is an obvious disadvantage if you have several devices on the wireless LAN that all have different adapters with the various implementations of WiFi.

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    Default Re: What router to get

    In my experience, the backwards compatibility of 802.11g wireless devices works fine. I'm using a Netgear wireless g router with 2 wireless b devices and 2 wireless g devices, and it all works without any problems. It also works fine with the three computers that are wired to it.

    D-Link is a good company as well from what I've seen, but I can say with a lot more certainty that that Netgear will have a good range and is very reliable.

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