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Thread: New Notebook Specs

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    Default New Notebook Specs

    I'm trying to put together a new notebook. I don't want it to be exactly a desktop replacement, but I want it to be darn close. Here's my want list:

    15" screen
    1 GB RAM
    Athlon 64 3400+ (with HTT, if possible)
    6800 Go

    Those are pretty much the must-haves. Anything else would be gravy, but I want to keep the overall price down as much as possible. Would I be better off buying a prebuilt, and, if so, from who? Or should I build it myself. I have plenty of desktop building experience, but zero notebook experience.

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    Default Re: New Notebook Specs

    Notebook components are not something that you can just go and get. You;re pretty much stuck with getting an OEM type machine. That said, You'll find that Compaq is one of the few that even offer an AMD product.
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    Default Re: New Notebook Specs

    HP too. Actually, they're the same thing.

    There are several tier 2 OEMs that offer Athlon 64s, Sempron (not the socket A ones), and Turions, too. That said, I probably wouldn't recommend you go with an AMD laptop for gaming. Most OEMs don't even offer laptops with a 6800 in anything but they're high-end, super-expensive gaming laptop. The only exception I found (I've done some research myself recently) was one Dell model you can get with a 6800 in the customization page. I looked through HP/Compaq, Gateway/E-Machines, Alienware, IBM, Sony, and Toshiba. The Dell machine uses a Pentium M, and everyone else uses a Pentium M or Pentium 4 in their high-end gaming laptops. The only exception will be a tier 2 (or should I say tier 3? I'm kind of defining it myself based on simple logic...) pre-built that you can't customize.

    Assuming you're American, has laptops from a couple different companies that, IIRC, include Athlon 64 (and friends)-based laptops with a 6800.

    BTW, when you say HTT, are you referring to HyperTransport, or HyperThreading? The former will be on all Athlon 64s, Turions, and K8 Semprons, while the latter isn't a technology AMD even has.

    So to wrap all this up, I'd actually suggest a Dell with a Pentium M and 6800. If you won't go Intel, then the pre-builts from an online retailer are probably your only choice. If you are willing to let the graphics slide, then the pre-builts and Hewlett-Packard are your only choices.

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