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Thread: Building a comp for my dad.

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    Default Building a comp for my dad.

    Here is what I have chosen for my dad. I am using only a 754 board because he will never upgrade this computer. His current computer is a old amd k6. He is going to use his old monitor and speakers. Here is what I have put together for him on a budget of $700.

    Microsoft windows xp home edition

    Cheap, Sabrent tvtuner/capture/fm tuner card

    Chaintech GeForce 6600GT

    NEC ND-3540A/GEN Blk Int 16X DVD+/-RW DL Drive

    Gigabyte K8U Socket 754 Motherboard

    AMD Athlon 64 3400+ (NewCastle Core)

    PPA 3.5" Internal Card Reader

    Maxtor 160GB EIDE HD 7200/8MB/ATA-133

    Ultra Wizard Black Mid Tower ATX Case

    Ultra X-Connect 400W ATX PS w/2 80mm Fans Titanium

    Ultra 512MB PC3200 DDR 400MHz CL3

    Creative Labs SoundBlaster Live

    Remember, This is gonna just be used for email and im'ing. Not gonna be upgraded, Probably replaced 10 years from now. He said keep it under $700 bucks, so I put one together, that i thought he might enjoy. I would have gone with a socket 939 board but he will never upgrade this sucker, so I went for most bang for the buck.

    Tell me what you think.

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    Default Re: Building a comp for my dad.

    I'd drop the expensive video card, downgrade the CPU a little, and get a mainboard with onboard sound if the machine won't be used for video gaming. Save the old man some money or maybe make yourself some spending cash if thats possible in this situation:).

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    Default Re: Building a comp for my dad.

    Agreed, mostly. I'd say A Thermaltake 420W PSU will be sufficient and cheap. Don't know about the price or reliability of an Ultra X-connect 400W.

    Drop the video card enitrely and either get a motherboard with onboard video, or a much cheaper AGP video card. I'd recommend a 9550 as it will run anything that needs DirectX 9 smooth enough to be playable, though I really doubt that'll be necessary. I'd recommend Chaintech nForce 3 250 motherboard because it's extremely cheap, but still good, assuming you don't just get one with video.

    Unless he owns that sound card already, just use the onboard. All motherboards have it these days.

    Downgrade the hard drive to 80GB unless he actually will be doing something that uses a lot of space.

    Something tells me that I don't need to look to know that that case is more expensive than it needs to be. Assuming you're in the U.S., I'd say make the case less than $40 shipped or less than $30 before shipping.

    If you need to save moeny, feel free to downgrade the CPU as Spongebob said. However, at this point you should be well within your budget constrains, so I doubt it's necessary.

    On that note, you can probably afford to 1GB of CAS 2.5. You can't use dual-channel with socket 754, which doesn't matter much, but I'd recommend 512MB sticks anyway as 1GB sticks with decent timings are expensive. There's certainly no reason to use CAS 3 RAM as it shouldn't cost any more to use 2.5, depending on where you are.

    Otherwise, looks good.

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    Default Re: Building a comp for my dad.

    I'd say A Thermaltake 420W PSU will be sufficient and cheap.
    While that Thermaltake PSU is much better then that crappy Ultra, better quality can still be bought for cheaper such as this Fortron 350w with better 12v capacity and ATX2.0 compliance.

    In terms of build quality, Sirtec/Thermaltake is nowhere near Fortron. I would call them "average." They are not so bad that you need to push people away from them, but they are not good enough to justify the price when there are better alternatives.

    There are actually a few Thermaltake PSU's that are made by HEC. These PSU's are much better quality then the Sirtec stuff. The 460w dual 2v unit is an example. It is closer to Antec/CWT level, but still not up there with the top OEM's.

    Actually in the OP's case it may be best to buy an Antec case with a 350w PSU. It will be more then enough power and in the end would be cheaper then buying a case and PSU seperately.

    Definitely get a board with onboard video. I would suggest something like a Epox EP-8HMMI-A

    Also since the quality of the Ultra PSU's suck I wouldn't get their RAM. Get some CAS2.5 Corsair Value Select or something.

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