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Thread: ATI X850 Pro

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    Quote Originally Posted by [email protected]
    What boards have both AGP and PCI-E. I've heard that the AGP is just down converted to PCI to run on the PCI bus at PCI speeds.
    Yes, AGP Express was one name for the technology. Both socket 939 and LGA 775 boards made use of a a PCI slot reshaped to look like AGP. That's not what I'm talking about. ULI's new chipset (M1695/M1567)supports both AGP and PCI-E without any performance loss or loss of overclockability compared to nForce 4. Currently (AFAIK), there's only one M1695/M1567 board on the market, the ASRock 939Dual-Sata2. It does lack good voltage options (which can be fixed via BIOS update, if ASRock wants to, that is), so overclocking some of the better RAM to its potential will be impossible, but it's unecessary anyway. It overclocks CPUs pretty well, though. It also lacks GbE and Firewire, which is its only major loss over any nForce 4. As more ULI-based PCI-E boards come out, I expect that this will be fixed.

    Anyway, it has both AGP and PCI-E, which is the important thing. There's no performance loss for using either, so it's a very viable option for people looking to upgrade their board and processor without upgrade their video card.

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    I bought a X850 Pro AGP on 9-6-05. Since that time I have spent more time trying to get it running right than playing. When it works it works great, when it doesn't (~50% of the time) it doesn't work at all. Go with the Nvidia 6800 GT

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