First Choice:

I've been looking at upgrading my computer mainly to make it quieter which is why i originally looked at a watercooling kit on newegg that used to have a $20 off but sucksortunately that expired. however it is still $120, and with shipping and tax comes to $135-140

KINGWIN Aquastar AS-3000 Multi-Color LED Light AquaStar Liquid Cooler System - Retail

Second Choice:

with that being the first choice i had i looked into getting a new AMD socket A motherboard, one that has the 4 holes around the cpu socket for greater heatsinks. With this i was looking at a 'CHAINTECH 7NJL6 Socket A (Socket 462) NVIDIA nForce2 Ultra 400 ATX AMD Motherboard - Retail' because it also had other features i originaly looked at before i purchased my gigabyte 7vaxp ultra, like dual channel ddr400 and a nvidia chipset

along with this motherboard i was looking at the Thermaltake Big Typhoon as the heatsink. The only problem i see with the mobo/heatsink selection is that the heatsink might be too large for the area it is located. with the possibility of it hitting the bottom of my powersupply (with some time and effort can probably fix this by elevating the powersupple through the top of my case. my case has a handle section that goes over the top of the case so the powersupple would still be under this), the exhaust fan on the back of my case(which can be moved outside the case to compensate), and the intake fan on the side of my case (which can be removed and a larger hole drilled in its place for the 120mm fan of the big typhoon).

and lastly another 120mm fan to go on another portion of the side of my case for better air flow.

and with this i'm wondering what to choose, however i'm leaning more towards the water cooling kit because it'd work on any other system upgrade i decide to do in the future where there will also be different crap and cheaper prices...hopefully heh

and also I don't currently overclock but would like to keep the possibility open because i have in the past.... Go amd thunderbirds (1.4ghz to 1.7 heh i was such a noob, should've had better cooling but it still lives in a friend of mines computer).