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Thread: I am buying a TV Tuner card today. Any suggestions please?

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    Question I am buying a TV Tuner card today. Any suggestions please?

    I am buying a TV Tuner card today. My spending limit is $40-60. I am looking for one that has FM Tuner capabilities, is able to record scheduled tv show times, high-quality video. I basically am just looking to use it to watch tv on my PC, and record one radio show. Oh and also I want to be able to convert video from video cameras, vcr, etc. Currently I have the a 2.8 hyper-threading Pentium 4 cpu, and a ATI Radeon x850pro video card. I live in Oregon, USA, if you need to know. I have been looking at Leadtek TV-Tuners & Haupauge TV-Tuners, which is what 2 people told me to look at. Any suggestions? Your input would be very much appreciated, as I am not familiar with tv-tuner cards at all. Thanks!

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    Default Re: I am buying a TV Tuner card today. Any suggestions please?

    "H" tuners are one of the main names, but sometimes you will pay a little extra for that name. You might also look at Prolink. I've been using one of their tuners for several years now, but I'm not sure if you'll get the automated recording feature you are looking for in that price range. Last I looked you could still buy Prolink products from
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