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Thread: half year old game pc, is it worth it?

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    Default half year old game pc, is it worth it?

    i want a game pc, but haven't much money at the moment, so i decided to search for a cheap system.

    this is what i found: a half year old gaming system

    Processor: AMD Athlon 64 3200+ Clocksnelheid 2300MHz
    Motherboard: MSI K8T Neo FIS2R (AGP)
    RAM Memory: 1024MB PC3200 400MHz Corsair
    Graphic card: Ati Radeon 9800PRO 128MB (AGP)
    HDD: 80GB Maxtor S-ATA 7200RPM 8MB Cache
    PowerSuply: 400W
    DVD player: Aopen Charmelion/16x Dvd,48x CD-ROM

    O.S: Windows XP Professional met Service pack 2

    this for 300 euro's, but is this price real? i mean, isn't this a f*cked up and overclocked computer? Or expensive... and is the AGP motherboard worth it?

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    Default Re: half year old game pc, is it worth it?


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    Default Re: half year old game pc, is it worth it?

    I dont know how much euros is in usd to tell you.

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    Default Re: half year old game pc, is it worth it?

    The price is certainly a little low, but if it's running at 2.3GHz it's certainly overclocked considering a 3200 is 2.2 at stock and the fastest Athlon XP they came out with. Depending on the brand, I might wonder if the PSU can handle it because weaker 400Ws probably can't.

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    Default Re: half year old game pc, is it worth it?

    Looks like a decient system, and for 300 euro's too, thats not bad, just make the person that is selling it to you sign a peice of paper saying if it arives DOA then he will take it back or repair it at his cost. That is if you're not ordering online.

    You wold still have a fair upgrade path as far as Video cards go, a 9800 pro is concidered middle of the road, better than some mid line cards though. later if you decide you need to you could upgrade to a 6800GT, X850 or similar.

    Bottem line is you still have SOME room for upgrades, the only cards that arent available on AGP are the ATI X1K series and Nvidia 7series, you have the entire X800 series and 6series.
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