Anyway I'm building a really nice gaming rig, and so far I have a BFG Geforce 7800 GT OC video card for the system. I might do SLI since I actually have 2 of these same video cards but I have the other one tied up in my current main system taking the place of an ATI Radeon X700 Pro and I might decide to keep the better card in there and go with a single card for the new system. I have noway of testing the difference in GPU speed using 2 cards for my current system since it has only a single PCI express slot on the MB.

The system ram that I have is 2 modules of Corsair CMX512-3200C2Pro. I might decide to jump to 2 GB right away or scrap this system ram and go with DDR2 if I decide to go with an Intel CPU again, which would also kill the possibility of SLi if I did. I've had this system ram for awhile now, maybe someone can suggest something better.

I'm thinking about using a 10,000 RPM harddrive for the O.S. and using a seperate big sata drive for files. I'm guessing I might gain some access speed speed this way but if the games are on the slower drive I'm not really sure if it'll help. The fast drives are made way too small for all my stuff to fit on one or even two for that matter. I'm done doing raid 0, too much of a chance to lose my stuff as I've learned the hardway in the past, and having 4 drives for raid 0 & 1 for speed and to mirror isn't really feasable in my opinion. Anyone know if my plan A will help?

The monitor will most likly be a Microtek 18in LCD screen which I already have. I think I'll try to hold out buying something new since I beleive monitors might get an upgrade soon to keep up with the high end graphic cards.

The speakers will be Creative's I-Trigue 3300 2.1's, which I already have. I haven't heard anything with or without surround sound under $100 that even comes close to the sound quality of these yet for a computer. I think I'll stick to onboard sound but the thought of getting the new highend Creative soundcard for the system has crossed my mind.

It's been awhile since since I bought a PSU so I'm not sure what I'll get. I just want something stable and very powerfull incase I use SLI and have a bunch of drives and other devices draining it. I'd like to stay under $110 US for the PSU.

I'd like a newer model DVD burner that has a good firmware hack available. Any suggestions?

I have a nice keyboard in mind but I haven't really found a mouse I've really liked to date. Doe's anyone have a P.C. mouse they'd recommend?

The mainboard and CPU are the 2 things I haven't even started thinking about yet since AMD and Intel have me confused. I'm almost sure I'll be going the AMD way this time since its been awhile since I had an AMD CPU based system, plus if I ever decide ti use SLI, I beleive I'll need an AMD CPU and and a mainboard with a compatable chipset as well as dual PCI express ports. Is there a newer mainboard anybody would suggest? And what AMD CPU should I get? Price matters but speed matters more since the latest and future P.C. video game titles will be the main thing in mind for this system.

Can anyone think of anything else that I shouldn't live without for this P.C.?