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Thread: First System Build in YEARS

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    Default First System Build in YEARS

    Please be gentile with me. This is my first post here.

    It's been about 15 years since I've built my own machine. That said, there are some major differences that I am not as aware of that I should be.
    1) The size of the PSU (or undersized) has exactly what effect on a PC? (back in the day, there was really only 1 size PSU)
    2) SATA2 - Can I utilize it in a system that has only 1 drive?

    Is there anything I need to watch out for with the following equipment?

    Already Purchased
    PC Case
    Mother Board
    To Be Ordered
    Hard Drive
    Exsisting Equipment
    Video Card
    Sound Card
    Looking at the following PSU (But not sure if I *NEED* it)

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    Your system looks pretty good in my opinion. You picked a VERY reliable psu. If your psu is undersized, you system will randomly shut down during moments of important use. Your 550 watt is plenty. It doesn't seem like you want to spend much. If I were you, I would get a new mobo. AGP is about at its end. Since you are upgrading, I would go ahead and get one like this Chaintech

    Since this mobo doesn't have an AGP slot, I would suggest a 6600GT Pci-express video card.

    I realize that you may not have the interest right know, but your system will be easier to upgrade in the future if you get a pci- express mobo.

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    Default Re: First System Build in YEARS

    Uh, the motherboard he has uses both AGP and PCI-E at no performance cost.

    The PSU is overkill unless you overclock. Something 480-500W should suffice and leave room for upgrading to more power-hungry hardware. The reason people need larger size PSUs is because some systems use more hardware or use hardware that needs more power (or, more likely, both).

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    Default Re: First System Build in YEARS

    Thanks for the input.

    I have ordered all the parts and am eagerly awaiting them :)

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