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Thread: Building a computer... need some help.

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    Default Building a computer... need some help.

    I'm planning on building a computer sometime soon. I researched the parts the best I can, but I would still like the opinions of anybody willing to give them. I'm new to building computers, but I have a decent amount of knowledge about computers, so I don't think it will be that big of an issue. I want this system to be a gaming system if that helps. I plan on reading guides on overclocking, that is why I plan on making my system liquid cooled. Also, a reason I picked that power supply is because I want to add lights and such inside the case, and I figured it would make it look better.

    Power Supply
    Hard Drive 1
    Hard Drive 2
    Video Card
    Liquid Cooler
    Sound Card

    Here are some other things that aren't part of building the computer really, but I was just wondering what people had to say about them.


    I also plan on getting Windows XP Pro X64

    Thank you all in advance.

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    Default Re: Building a computer... need some help.

    Thats a monster of a video card! I hope the $60 ASPIRE PSU can handle everything you have planned for the system. I'm a little doubtfull but I've never tried that brand so I can't say forsure.

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    Default Re: Building a computer... need some help.

    I wouldn't go with a dual core for a gaming CPU, Games don't use the extra core yet.

    While XMS is can have another gig for cheaper. OCZ has 2-3-2-5 for just over $200 (with rebate). I have mine running 2-2-2-5 @2.8volts for about a year with no problems.

    I'm not a big fan of the small water cooling setups, but as long as the customer reviews say good things it should be OK.
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    Actually, I would go for a dual core cpu. Even though they are not used yet in gaming, they will be more helpful in the future. Besides, this is an extreme computer and a dual core processor would more than in budget for him. He is planning on overclocking and dual cores overclock really well.

    I would go with a better psu. This is a monster system and it really needs a more reliable powersupply.

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    Default Re: Building a computer... need some help.

    Video card link not working. Based on the other stuff in the list, it should be at least a 7800GTX. I'd get it from Newegg though.

    The PSU won't do. I'd say get something around 550W from Fortron or Enermax. Make sure it has a 24-pin or 20+4-pin connector.

    Go with dual-core unless you rarely do anything besides gaming. The performance increase is huge if you try to multitask. The ability to play games while doing other tasks in the background with little to no performance loss is pretty cool, too. If you really just game, then go for a 3700.

    Definitely go for OCZ as matm347 said.

    No reason to go with a Death Star. Change out the Hitachi for a WD Raptor. You should be using something fast as a system drive in a system this high-end.

    Do you really need the Fatal1ty X-Fi? Honestly, it's costs $100 more than the Platinum, and $160 more han the regular. The regular is already overpriced. Same goes for the speakers. Just pick up some decent 5.1 Logitech or Creative speakers.

    Also, watercooling is up to you, but it's far from necessary for overclocking. Unless you plan on doing some very extreme overclocking, don't bother. I know I'd rather have the system be portable than have a rediculous overclock.

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