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Thread: to yawgm0th(question about a buying memory)

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    Hi, as I told you earlier that I am back to China and I have a discount to buy the memory.
    I am thinking to buy two 1G memory to be Dual channel as I am building a new rig with MSI Neo4-F here. I will be back to US to buy the motherboard and CPU with 2 512Mb memory.
    Just wondering if this 2 1G memory will be fine with taht 2 512 Mb memory. although I can get cheaper , I still do not want to waste my money.
    What should I concern when I buy the memory here?


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    Just get 2x1GB sticks and forget about the 2x512MB ones as filling all 4 memory slots will result in the memory being slowed down to T2 command timings and delivering a reasonable performance hit.

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    Yeah, no need for the 2x512MB of RAM. just get the 2x1GB. Make sure it's PC3200 (might be listed as DDR400). It's preferable to get something with a lower CAS latency (2 or 2.5 instead of 3), but not absolutely necessary if you CAS 3 is a lot cheaper.

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