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Thread: New PC to play TES Oblivion

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    Default Re: New PC to play TES Oblivion

    I found the GX @Newegg.. and you listed some....#5.

    But if you aren't going to overclock then the Platinum is good as well.
    I'd only go with the 2 Gig kits, 1 Gig just isn't cutting it any longer with modern games.

    There's around 10 raptors between me, family and friends going on about a 4 year average. There has been none that have gone bad, and one DOA, an OEM from Newegg. Raptors are SATA as well. If your budget is tight, a good 250+gig 7200RPM drive will do fine, but the raptors are still the fastest magnetic SATA drives out there.

    BTW, take your time getting this together, Bethesda has put out ANOTHER game full of bugs. Look at the forum to get an idea at the extent, I've actually lost interest in playing until a patch is out. The rat *******s!!
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    Default Re: New PC to play TES Oblivion

    Thanks for the link mat but newegg doesn't ship internationally.This is what I've come up with. I'll exchange some of my old components with a friend for the cpu, will see how it performs & get a better one if need be.Going with the Corsair value ram or Kingston hyper X for now until suppliers get stock of the OCZ.

    CPU : AMD Athlon 4000+ Socket 939 - San Diego
    MB : Asus A8R-32-MVP Delux AMD
    MEMORY : Cosair 1X 1GB - CL 2-3-3-6
    GPU : MSI RX 1900 XTX
    PSU : Enermax Liberty 620W Dual Rail
    CASE : Cooler Master STC-T01CM
    HD : Seagate Barracuda 120 GB SATA
    COOLING : XP-90
    CASE FANS : Cross Flow for Stacker
    Vantec 120 m/m two/front/back
    extra X 2

    What do u think?

    Quote Originally Posted by matm347
    BTW, take your time getting this together, Bethesda has put out ANOTHER game full of bugs. Look at the forum to get an idea at the extent, I've actually lost interest in playing until a patch is out. The rat *******s!!
    Know what u mean, I'm actually having second thoughts about spending so much money for a game that has trouble running on better systems than the one I might be building.

    Maybe I should just buy an xbox360, but that version is buggy as well, might wait & see if a patch helps & go back to playing Morrowind in the meantime.
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    Default Re: New PC to play TES Oblivion

    I don't know the prices you'll be paying, but an opteron 165 is the same as a 4000+ for me and would be a much better buy if you don't mind overclocking a bit. You keep the 1meg cache and add another core. You could probably get the 2.4GHz (which the 4000+ has) out of the 165 on air.

    I've found Oblivion doesn't use much RAM at all, even when I tweak the .ini to let it know there's 2 gigs there. So you'll be fine with the 1 gig, just don't play BF2!

    I've since started playing Oblivion again, I've just learned to save with new saves very often. The PC version is better due to the console commands , that actually just got me unstuck from inside a boulder last night, and 3d party patches. But my 7800GTX plays it fine with full [email protected], that 1900XTX should handle Oblivion and then some. There are so many user patches out already, many are for textures, others are for weapons.. one let's ATI cards run both HDR and AA...must be nice!
    Oh yes, and Bethesda has said a patch is already in the works

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    Default Re: New PC to play TES Oblivion

    I wouldn't get the XBox360 since it's a lot easier for the many problems to get fixed on the PC. Although the game does have a nuber of bugs, there are user-made plugins fixing many of them, as well as lots of things that can be done to help performance. I suggest everyone playing it read the guide on I'd already thrown a good sixty hours into the game, so I clearly haven't found the bugs to be a show-stopper at all. I never even played Morrowind or the other prequels.

    As for performance, the game will run great on that system. I have it with Large textures, 1280x1000 (can't quite handle my lappy's 1400x900 native), HDR, and high stuff on most of the other settings. The laptop has an overclocked GeForce Go 6800, a 1.73GHz Pentium M, and 2 GB of RAM. It doesn't perform really well, but it's playable at those settings. Your system would be somewhere in the area of twice as powerful graphically, so I doubt you'd have any problesm.

    I'd also agree with matm347 and say you should get a 165 or at least something dual-core. Any dual-core processor is almost guaranteed to hit at least 2.5GHz with good air cooling (a Thermalright XP-90 being one of the best air coolers around).

    I also really think you should go with 2GB. Although I'm not convinced it does much besides help loading times in Oblivion, it is quickly becoming the high-end standard. Other games do get big advantages from that much RAM, and upcoming games will as well.
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