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Thread: Case question - cool enough?

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    Default Case question - cool enough?

    New to these forums, so excuse the barging-in... I've been rbrowsing a lot of the tech crits and I admire the constructive posts ::
    Anyway, I'm building a new rig here in the next few months. I'm a design professional (urban/arch) who has personal aesthetic requirements... I simply want a case that looks good in my home office. Some of these cases... (a simple personal opinion of course ) with wierd alien faces, funky geometry and all that stuff just make me cringe.

    So i've found this case, and i think it's right up my alley.

    It's a bit pricy, but i'm willing to pay that premium if it's going to be sitting in my house for a few years.

    My concern is that it's going to get hot as hell. I don't plan to do any overclocking, but it only has two fan ports and that seems like too few if i'm going to be running a hot video card.

    So does anyone have any experience with this case? I've also looked at some Lian Li cases, but overall this one has caught my eye.

    :: general specs of what i'm going to be throwing in there ::

    amd x2 4400
    probably an Asus nf4 939 board
    7800 gtx (not SLI, but would like ot leave SLI option open for future)

    Also, PSU info? You would think a Silverstone PSU (650w) would fit like a glove with a Silverstone case, but i'm aware the world is full of horrible ironies and want to double check.

    not that it matters, but primary use will be AutoCAD/Photoshop/Illustrator/3dStudiomax/PremierPro/and a decent amount of gaming... just don't tell the wife 40% of the upgrade reasoning is for Oblivion!

    thanks in advance!

    :: thesound

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    Default Re: Case question - cool enough?

    The case actually has room for one fan behind the front door, though it won't do much. I wouldn't worry too much about airflow. If you won't be doing any overclocking, I don't see any problems being likely.

    The Silverstone PSU is rediculously overpriced and overpowered for this system. If you want overkill, this is more than enough. Even if you wanted to do SLI in the future, that could probably handle it since you won't be OCing.

    Your hardware choices are okay, though Asus is not necessarily the brand that I'd recommend (not that there's anything wrong with Asus per se). More importantly, a 7900GT costs less than a 7800GTX and should outperform it, so I'd recommend that over the 7800GTX.

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    Default Re: Case question - cool enough?

    Everything is modable, first thing I'd do with that case is take a holesaw to the side panel and add an intake fan, spindle centre line roughly in line with the cpu centre, 2 in, 2 out ..........
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    Default Re: Case question - cool enough?

    Personally I would prefer a Lian-Li if I were dishing out nearly $300 for a case, their quality/fit/finish are among the higest IMO. has a decent selection of cases, even some that are modified. Also check out Coolermaster cases, they also tend to be on the conservative side of cosmetics and will cost less. I've had a Coolermaster Wavemaster for going on 4 years, I've put it through it's paces with some slight modding and about 4 different setups and it's held up perfectly.

    As stated above, a 7900GT would be a much better buy than a 7800GTX.
    Cooling won't be a concern without overclocking. If anything, you could get an arctic cooler for the GPU which will get the hot air outside the case as the stock coolers let the hot air stay in the case which can/will build up over a few hours of heavy gaming(Oblivion). I have the same [email protected] and a 7800GTX @515 and have Oblivion maxed [email protected] + 2gigs RAM with 0 hiccups, the HDR looks really nice!!

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